How Your Computers and Printers Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Saving Money and Energy on Your Computer and Printer

Almost all of us own a computer and a printer and like the appliances we have at home, they too consume power. By adopting a few principles, you could help reduce your wasteful nature with your computers and printers. These tips won’t reduce the effectiveness of the appliances. Instead, the tips would make them less wasteful and more environmentally friendly and thus saving money for everyone.

Tip 1
Turn off your computer once you are not using it. Leaving it turned on all the time is really wasteful. Even if you use a monitor, it’s going to be still more wasteful. If you feel the need that you need to leave it on, make sure that it’s on a standby or sleep mode when not in use.

Tip 2
Print less. Or if possible, do not print at all because papers don’t grow on trees. Papers are trees! If you need to print, you can use duplex or double-sided printing to save half of your paper needs. You can also help save a tree.

Tip 3
Are you still using a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor? The older CRT monitors are not efficient in terms of energy use. If you want a more efficient monitor that uses less energy and space, upgrade to an LCD monitor.

Tip 4
Recycle your old printer ink cartridges if possible. More than 200 million used printer ink cartridges end up in landfills in the United States alone.

Tip 5
If you are considering of upgrading your computer, get a laptop. Laptops use less than 20 percent of the energy that a desktop and monitor system uses. A laptop uses 50 watts while a desktop computer uses 270 watts.

Tip 6
Plug your computer and printer and other device you use with them into a power strip, when the equipment isn’t in use, you can switch it off to make sure that no electricity will be consumed.

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