How to Save Money and Enery on Your Garden and Yard

Saving Money and Energy on Your Garden and Yard

The garden and yard are areas in the house where you can enjoy nature. This is also where you can choose your favorite flower and plants.

You may have a beautiful fountain or a plain lawn. You may decorate your area with various garden accents, a lawn statue, and other things just to make it attractive. Having a deck patio will also make it more attractive.

The garden and yard generate waste. But what you do with the waste is very important and the overall space also needs to be considered. Your garden and yard could also be a haven of savings and can be greener with a little bit of planning and thought.

Consider the following tips to save money and energy on your garden and yard:

Tip 1
Compost! Start a composting bin for all the vegetable matter that you usually throw. Leaves from trees in autumn and anything pruned or cut off can be composted. Good compost provides excellent soil material to nourish young plants. It’s a good way of recycling.

Tip 2
Plant drought-tolerant trees in your garden like ash, crepe myrtle, or ginko and shrubs from rosemary to barberry and juniper because they will survive better and they do not demand too much water.

Tip 3
Think about the large lawn space you have. Do you really need it? It costs money to regularly mow the lawn especially during the summer months. Cut down your lawn space and replace it with an area where grass doesn’t grow to save money and time and use fewer resources.

Tip 4
Water the lawn early in the morning because there’s more moisture in the air and more water will be retained in the soil longer. During a hot day, water evaporates. Thus, any water you introduce to your lawn will just evaporate and will not have enough time to penetrate down not only wasting water but it will waste your time and your money and the earth’s resources.

Tip 5
Upgrade your lawn irrigation system if it’s quite old because it is likely to waste water. Modern irrigation systems are more efficient in distributing water. You could save 30 to 60 percent by using a smart irrigation system.

Tip 6

If you live in an area where the climate is really hot, you could help you garden’s soil by adding polymers. They help retain moisture for a longer period of time, making the plants and flowers grow more efficiently.

Tip 7
Install a rain barrel to gather rainfall from your roof. Though this is an old idea, it is a good one. You could save on water bills by using this simple idea.

Tip 8
Are you using a motorized lawn mower? Get a lot of exercise and stop unnecessary pollution. Get rid of your motorized lawn mower and get an old-fashioned one instead that would need to be pushed in order to work. It isn’t hard work and it would get the job done just fine. You don’t only get a good amount of exercise but you also save money and help the environment.




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