Going Green on your Leisure Travel and Vacation

Saving Money and Energy on Your Travel and Vacation

We all love to travel. It takes away our stress. It makes us relax and it is the best time to unwind. We prefer flying in faraway places which means flying on gas-guzzling jets. Whether you like it or not, we’re just creating another problem for our environment.

But it doesn’t mean we’re going to stay at home forever. We can still enjoy the perks of traveling but we need to do it in a more eco-friendly way.

There are many ways of enjoying your vacation but reducing the negative impact on our environment. You just need to be willing to explore them.

Tip 1
Plan a ‘staycation’ instead of a vacation. You don’t have to travel very far away and pay the expensive costs of hotels, planes, and etc. The idea is to stay closer to home. All you need is a break from boring work and chores. You could travel 50 miles or even 100 miles and you’ll still find something really exciting. It will also help save you a huge amount of money and you won’t be responsible for tons of carbon emissions while enjoying your vacation at the same time.

Tip 2
If you need to travel far, you could reduce your ecological footprint in many ways. Instead of getting those glossy brochures and maps of the location that you plan to visit, search the internet instead. You can print it off in black and white. You don’t need color and you don’t need pictures. You could get information from travel websites than buying those expensive guide books.

Tip 3
Travel light. Most people pack twice and they really don’t need half of it. You could save money by not having extra baggage charges. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll save fuel by having a lighter load.

Tip 4
Buy a solar charger for your phone and other devices. You’re going to need one when you travel. It will also help save on electricity and carbon emissions. It also feels good being green!

Tip 5
Plan trips where you could stay with your family and friends. It will help save you on costly hotel bills. Plus, you get to bond with them again.

Tip 6
Home exchange is also very convenient. It’s a way of enjoying a far away vacation without paying for costly hotels. It’s actually a popular idea which relies on families exchanging homes with each other. Ecologically, it’s a good idea. You have to become the other family for several days. The savings made are considerable and the experience of local immersion in the culture and way of life is priceless.

Tip 7
Travel by train instead of planes. Trains are the most environmentally-friendly means of transportation available. Traveling by plane is also cheaper than traveling by plane.

Tip 8
Rent out a small economical car if you feel the need to rent out a car. Here’s a better and exciting idea: rent a bicycle one for every family member.

Tip 9
Visit protected areas like parks and nature reserve to ensure they stay maintained. There is a charge to help with the maintenance but usually it’s very reasonable.

Tip 10
Buy local souvenirs and handcrafts to support local craftsmen and artists.

Tip 11
Bring your own refillable water bottle to save money. The number of empty water bottles ending up in landfills will also be reduced.

Tip 12
Explore one place than doing country hopping and trying to cram in half the world in just two weeks. The idea here is known as slow travel which means slowing down and enjoying every last bit out of the place you are traveling to. It will save you money and keep your negative ecological footprint to a minimum.

Tip 13
Before leaving your home for vacation, make sure you have unplugged every electric appliance.

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