Going Green on Shopping

Saving Money and Energy on Shopping

Shopping is a favorite pastime of everyone. We have unparalleled opportunity to be greener and save money on our shopping spree. But we usually don’t practice our opportunities in this respect.

We can’t just blame merchants for their wasteful acts. They will sell anything that is in demand to consumers. But if consumers insist on being green and ecologically friendly, merchants will sell products that conform to that also.

This is where the great opportunity lies. We have a power to choose what we are offered whenever we go shopping. Therefore, choose products that are friendly to the planet and that also offer great value.

Tip 1
Buy locally produced food so you’ll be helping the local economy. You’ll also be helping to reduce the hidden costs in food production, transportation, and distribution.

Tip 2
Buy in bulk to help prevent unnecessary packaging and small containers. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 80 million tons of wastes from packaging, labeling, and empty containers are generated by Americans. When you buy in bulk, you can save in packaging, labeling, and containers. it will help save you money too.

Tip 3
Are you collecting coupons? Use your coupons wisely. Coupons may make you look like a penny pincher, they can really help. Even if you earn a good wage, coupons can be very helpful. Only cut out coupons for goods that you are interested buying and perhaps give out the other coupons that you don’t intend to use in the first place.

Tip 4
Create a list before going to the supermarket or local store and stick to that list. Avoid impulse buying.

Tip 5

Leave kids when shopping. Most of the time, kids do unnecessary shopping that could add up to your list.

Tip 6
Take your own shopping bag as you go shopping or when you do your groceries. Close to 4 trillion of plastic shopping bags end up in landfills every year.

Tip 7
Don’t buy water in plastic bottles. Millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills. Tap water is still safe. You can also get a filter unit if you don’t like tap water. Americans buy 2.5 million plastic bottles of water every hour and only 25,000 of them will be recycled which means the other 2, 2475,000 empty bottles will end up in landfills.