Going Green at the Office & Workplace

The Office and Workplace

The office and workplace are places of unnecessary wastage. Just because it belongs to a company that employees are working for, employees don’t care at all if they are wasteful. We can do better in the workplace and learn not to be wasteful. We could take positive steps to help reduce and eventually eliminate our wasteful habits.

Tip 1
The biggest cost in an office or workplace is electricity bill. You can help reduce your electricity bills by installing compact fluorescent lights or CFL. They are more efficient and they use less energy.

Tip 2
If you want to replace your printer, you can consider getting an all-in-one device that already has a printer, scanner, copier, and fax. Each component in an all-in-one device will work as good as a dedicated one. It also saves you money than having four separate machines.

Tip 3
Telecommute as much as possible. More and more companies are already seeing the benefits of having their employees work from home. It will help reduce the overhead costs. You just need a high-speed internet connection, a computer, a printer, and a fax perhaps.

Tip 4
Ask your customers if they want to receive their bills through email instead of sending them out in paper bills.

Tip 5
You can reduce the need for business meetings. Instead, you can have an online conference instead of paying for expensive business travels and sometimes unnecessary. Today’s computers are very fast and efficient. There are programs that allow you to virtually talk and start your online conferencing for free.

Tip 6
Print double sided (duplex printing) and recycle used paper. 21 million tons of paper gets thrown away by businesses every year. Think whether you need a printed copy of a document or not. You could save the trees by saving it on your computer instead.

Tip 7
If you’re thinking of replacing your office equipment like your printers and computers, ensure to find a good home for them. A lot of the machines you have at the office are still in working condition and are just being upgraded. You can also donate these machines to charities or low-income families.

Tip 8
If a business travel is really important, you can put employees on trains instead of planes. It may take longer to reach their destination, trains are ecologically friendly than planes. You’ll also save money and carbon emissions.

Tip 9
Advertising for a job? Let the applicants submit their resumes and other documents online. Therefore, you applicants don’t have to print their applications on paper. Save money. Save trees. Provide online job applications.

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