Things to Look for When Buying a Potato Baker

If you want to make a quick meal, you may want to include baked potato on your menu. An undercooked potato could ruin your meal. Therefore, it’s important to purchase a potato baker that will suit your needs and your cooking style. You should know what to look for when buying a potato baker.

Before buying a potato baker, you may want to consider a few tips:

Cooking Method

When you think of baking potatoes quickly, you think of using the microwave. The stove-top method is a good idea.


There are three types of finishes that you may want to consider for your potato baker: non-stick finish, sturdy graniteware finish, and the plastic finish.

  • The non-stick finish is reserved for the metal-base, potato baker which could be used using an electric or gas stove.
  • The graniteware finish is versatile and could often be freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.
  • The plastic finish is a very common type and mostly used in microwave method of cooking.


Depending on the potato baker that you have, you could cook from a single potato up to 4 potatoes at a time.

Whether you prefer to use the microwave or the stove top when baking your potato, it’s important to know what things to look for when buying a potato baker to save both time and money.


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